Lifesize Cloud: Enterprise

The benefits of giving everyone and every room in your organization a Lifesize Cloud account are enormous.

For employees, with everyone in the shared directory, you’re all connected to one another at all times, making collaboration quick and simple. For administrators, there is  no need to allocate and track individual utilisation— The Lifesize Cloud does it for you!

The Enterprise Subscription Plan gives you access to exclusive Cloud features such as unlimited virtual meeting rooms (VMRs), a number of hours of recording for your organisation on Cloud Amplify, Single Sign-on and much more. With Enterprise Cloud, you also gain access to the Extreme Support service, providing you with a dedicated Customer Obsession Team, service level agreement (SLA) and 24×7 support.

What Features do I get with Enterprise Cloud?

  • Up to 50 way group video calls
  • Unlimited Lifesize Icon systems paired to the Cloud
  • Unlimited Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Skype for Business Inteoperability
  • Lifesize Cloud Amplify
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Calendaring (from Office 365 and Google Apps for Work)
  • One-to-one and group calling
  • Instant and scheduled meetings
  • Unlimited audio
  • Unlimited guest calling
  • Directory based calling
  • Screen sharing & presentations
  • Chat & instant messaging
  • Mobile and tablet applications
  • Presence status

Find out more about the Lifesize Enterprise Subscription plan here or start a trial today.