Video Endpoints – The Icon Series

Looking for high quality video & audio conferencing for your meeting room?

The Lifesize Icon series provides award-winning video conferencing systems for every type of meeting space. And when paired with the Lifesize Cloud, there isn’t a more simple, powerful and professional video conferencing solution available on the market today.

Lifesize Icon 400 with touchphone, camera and remote

Lifesize Icon 300

For huddle rooms and small meeting spaces.

1080p HD Video, 4K content sharing.

Supports 1 display & includes integrated PTZ camera.

See Lifesize Icon 300 Datasheet

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Lifesize Icon 600 with codec, touch phone, PTZ camera and remote

Lifesize Icon 500

For medium sized meeting rooms.

4K Video, 4K content.

Supports multiple displays, cameras and microphone inputs

See Lifesize Icon 500 Datasheet

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Lifesize Icon 800 with touch phone, PTZ camera, remote, micpods and 800 codec

Lifesize Icon 700

For larger meeting rooms and classrooms.

4K video, 4K content, dual stream for the highest quality Video Conferencing available on the market today.

See Lifesize Icon 700 Datasheet

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 Lifesize Icon Flex with laptop, touchphone, camera and remote

Lifesize Dash

Video Collaboration Bundle for PC based collaboration in mini spaces.

Connects into Cloud

See Lifesize Dash Datasheet

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The Lifesize Icon Series provides a solution for every meeting space that can benefit from business class video conferencing. And it’s as easy as using a smartphone.

Connected device for instant connections

All Lifesize Icon video systems connect to the Lifesize Cloud, so you can take your conversations wherever you want to be, on whatever device you choose.

Automatic software updates

When you pair a Lifesize Icon system to the Lifesize Cloud, you’ll get software updates automatically, every time a new feature is added.

Unified Video Conferencing Solutions for every room

No other video conferencing system offers the ease, versatility and complete connected experience of Lifesize Cloud together with the Lifesize Icon series of meeting room endpoints. From mobile-to-mobile exchanges to large auditorium gatherings, only Lifesize delivers one solution for businesses to simply connect the people who need to be in the meeting—from anywhere, any room and any device.

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